World Map – Gonzalez

Price per sqm,

Takes 10 days,

need deposit - customized paper colour / paper type / design available

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Art work done by aquarellist painter gives pastel & natural finishes

Bio wallpaper – patent natural material made by fine tree, retinispora, wormwood, lavender, herb and red clay , phytoncide, anti-radiation

Bio Printer -

Solvent free – No Dis-colouration,

Toluene free – Toluene causes cancer ( group 3 from IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer)

good for atopy, rhinitis, asthma


Antibacterial 99.9%

Toxic substance deodorization 89.7% 

Aldehyde removal 70%


Choose paper type.

a. natural fine tree



b. natural fine tree + red clay




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